Clyde Henneberry - Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

This "virtual art gallery" gives the viewer an idea of the quality of Clyde Henneberry's work, although the scanned images are not representative of the original canvases, which can range in size from a few inches to 6 or 7 feet in diameter.

Because of the scarcity of materials, many of Clyde's works are on canvasses or boards that were scrounged or recycled. Recently, this has become a problem as some of the early works have begun to physically deteriorate.
Clyde occasionally sells signed prints or posters of his work, however, this is on an intermittent basis and he refuses to enter into distribution arrangements with dealers.

He can sometimes be reached for a private showing during daytime hours at (902) 465-1388. If you would like to meet the artist or tour his gallery, please remember that this is a private residence, (not a business!) and that Clyde keeps very early hours.

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Local Character

Halifax Panorama

Eastern Passage Scenes

Fisherman's Cove

Famous Ships

Historic Scenes

Recent Portraits