Clyde Henneberry - Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
Clyde Henneberry

Clyde Henneberry of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, is one of the Maritime's most interesting marine painters. Having worked as a lobster fisherman most of his life, Clyde taught himself to paint when he was in his early 60's. He is now 82 years old.

Clyde is unique amongst local artists inasmuch as he does not sell his original oil paintings. His makeshift art gallery is not open to the public except by special appointment, but prints of some of his more famous works are on permanent display in a building named after him at the Fisherman's Cove Interpretive Center in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.

Most of his paintings feature topics of local interest or historic subject matter concerning the village of Eastern Passage. Unlike many folk artists, most of his paintings are photo realistic.